Saturday, 3 May 2014

What I know now about pf

Been reading up on and re reading information regarding plantar fasciitis as I sit here with it. Been looking everywhere to speed up my recovery looked on the womens pro soccer site that had some good facts and information and looked on Wikipedia which didn't prove any use what so ever. The one thing that is keep on popping up in just about everything that I read about this condition are insoles.. insoles seem to be the answer helping to keep pressure and tension  off the weakened arch whilst you recover and this will then help speed up the healing process but when you dont have it you gotta keep on making sure you wear them. Something though that I read that many sites usually the sites that are trying to sell you custom insoles dont tell you is that spending tons of money on custom made insoles for perfect arch support is a really bad idea after all our bodies where designed how they are and to function without insoles attached to our feet.. insoles should be used as a way of helping ease and prevent the build up of shock and pressure if you are doing something like sport that puts your feet under unusual strain and pressure and having to much arch support can mean that your feet become dependent on it and weakened... you feet need room to strengthen and support themselves.. I'm going to start doing some stretching exercises once my feet have recovered as I cannot do the stretches at the moment because that would be silly and could ruin my recovery. But stretching exercises will hopefully toughen up my feet and make them more flexible and more able to take the strains and pressure they just cannot take before......and with wearing insoles JUST to absorb shock and spread pressure that would otherwise harm my feet I think is all I need to do.... Its taken me so long to find out all of this so I thought Id just share all this info with you guys so if you ever find yourselves in my situation you know what to do.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Morons!!!!!! true morons

I do seo for a job now and it is really tedious and stupid job..especially when google is constantly trying to put you out of business. One of my jobs as a seo is to find and buy form auction good quality expired domains... but people are true morons on these auctions.. they deliberately bid on the auctions days before it is anywhere near ending just to drive up thew price like the retards that they are. Honestly they are stupid they are either just doing it because they are petty people and have no intention of buying the domain and just dont want it to go cheap or they are missing quite a lot of brain cells and think if they bid on it they will get it.... when clearly not as the price then gets sky rocketed as more people find it as more bids the auction gets put to the top of the list. Seo is really stressful when you have to deal with these annoying freaks.... It so tiring and kind of bad for your health!

Its time... well nearly time to get fit

Decided that when my feet heal up after getting plantar fasciitis I should live a healthier and better lifestyle... and that doesn't just mean exercise even more because truth be told I do exercise and play a lot of sport. I am going to be eating better .. even though unfortunately in the evil world that we live in eating more healthily is really expensive I will try my best to hunt down the best foods and make my own super meals hopefully.. so wish me luck. It really is annoying that all health food seems to cost so much nowadays and I really dont want to get the cheap stuff because you hear all the time how they put really bad growth hormones and chemicals into the food and that cannot be good one bit... all to maximize their stupid profit margins I guess.

Ouch my feet hurt!

Well this is a bit annoying and silly of me. I went playing soccer today in the park with my friends and then I think that I have damaged something on my feet and I reckon after reading about a few things on the internet that I might have plantar fasciitis because my symptoms sure match up to it... like my feet feel like they are on fire and really sore around the arch of my foot. Just like the fool that I am I jumped straight in when playing with my friends as it was just a kick about really and nothing serious so didn't think I had to warm up but I guess even a kick about can be dangerous. So apparently after reading on the wps guide about PF which tells you all sorts about different injuries related to soccer I wont be doing much running around for a while now which shame as it is starting to get sunny outside!! I probably will be back on my feet again in a  couple weeks and will from now on always stretch and warm up everything from head to toe! Iv also read it is a good idea to buy some arch supports for my feet... has anyone else used these before will they help at all? Iv never really bothered with things like that before just never saw the point as what difference does it make? but I guess if I took footcare and support in my shoes more seriously I wouldn't be in this situation.

UPDATE: After a little more digging and researching on PF I have found out that its all caused when the plantar fascia get tight usually because of flat feet and overuse inflames and damages the plantar fascia causing PF, I have just looked at my feet and yes I do have rather flat feet.. never really noticed that before and looks as though what arch support insoles are meant to do is take of the strain and tension off the arch of your foot making sure the plantar fascia is less tight and less likely to become overused and inflamed from the tightness. So that is sorted then I need some insoles and hopefully I shouldn't get this problem again.

Just got watching nwsl

Im kind of enjoying the new season of nwsl on tv at the moment. I just started playing soccer myself for the first time in a long time. Im currently support the boston breakers who are the best... I kinda of dont have a womens pro team in my state at the moment so I had to just pick a team to support by random. If you haven't already checked out the wps website I would if I was you.. even though the wps shut down 2 years ago and have replaced the league with the nwsl the website is still going strong and now is powered by fans and in my opinion best places to get to know what is going on in the world of womesn soccer. There was a really interesting match on Wednesday against Seattle reign and sky blue fc I think both team used to play in the wps and they have for sure gotten a lot better since then... what made the game interesting was it was hammering it down with rain... in the end reign managed to wipe the floor with sky blue fc making sure they didn't have any chances whatsoever and so the score was 2-0 to Seattle reign... Now who said womens soccer was boring it sure isn't!If you cannot find all the action on tv you can visiti where all the games are being uploaded live free to watch!

Hopefully if I keep playing and keep trainning maybe one day I could get in a pro team...... maybe.

Monday, 28 April 2014

I have decided to start my new blog here on blogspot.... I tried starting one other on tumblr but because tumblr is so pathetically rubbish that every time I tried creating a account there it just automatically "terminated" the account straight away for some dumb reason.. oh well dont really want a tumblr blog come to think of it... tumblr is so seedy and slow, and rubbish anyway! I have just started this blog to tell you things as I have never really had a blog before and hope to get into blogging and may even make some money.. who knows I guess anything is possible if you work hard enough.